Ballad Bibliography

Websites Relating to Ballads

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English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)


RĂ©pertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM)


Early English, Scottish, and Irish Song (Bruce Olson)


Acadia Early Music Archive (Gordon J. Callon)


Manuscript Sources of English Secular Song 1630-1665 (Callon)


Broadside Ballads (UCSB)


Allegro Catalogue of Broadside Ballads (Bodleian)


Restoration Theatre Song Archive (Monash)


Manuscript Sources of English Secular Song, 1630-1665 (Gordon J. Callon)


Groen's Seventeenth-Century Secular Music


Rosseter and Jones (not v. scholarly, but with some manuscript facsimiles) - Petrucci Music Library


The Wighton Database - mostly Scottish music, including some EModern items


SCA Dance Database - has pdfs of some old arrangements