Anthology Introduction

I am planning to draft the introduction to our anthology this summer.  I would like as much input from the group as possible.  In this space, please make suggestions about what topics, ideas, problems, and issues should definitely find a place in the introduction.

NEH links for ballad group

The below information is from Dr. Maura Ives and Dr. Laura Mandell.


The basic “match your project to a grant” link is at


This is a great bookmark because it gives an overview of the grant programs.


To look specifically for DH funding,  there is a link that lists all the NEH/ODH grants:


Game Titles for Comparison

I don't own a game console, but I have probably played every adventure game available for PC, so my list is heavily weighted towards those. I'm looking forward to seeing what others like/recommend.

Myst: (old school, but I worked on the original Myst and still have a soft spot for it). I liked the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects; think it could be updated to be collaborative and with more real-world-type puzzles (fitting cargo on a ship, identifying ports from old-style maps, etc.). Not sure how it would be 'graded.'

freelancing jogs in xslt -- example

Hey, everyone -- there are freelance jobs available once you know xml/xslt, and here is an example:

URL for XSLT Instructional Information

This is the website to the XSLT instructional videos as well as practice exercises. Go to #3 to review last week's lesson.

TEI encloding and XSLT

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite all interested faculty, staff, and students to join weekly lessons on basic TEI encoding and XSLT hosted by Dr. Laura Mandell and the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC).  Every Friday from  9 to 10:30 a.m. in Blocker 246 (the IDHMC Lounge) Dr. Mandell will be leading introductory training sessions that will cover basic TEI encoding principles and XSLT transformations, which allow users to work with digitized texts.  

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